Bag Filter Cartridge

The IFAB BFC are pleated cartridges designed for bag filter housing. This means high flow efficiency and long lasting service life. The BFC combines the performance advantages of cartridgs filters with the easy use of bag filter systems.

It offers a unique combination of benefits regarding high flow filtration. Suitable for sea water desalination, drinking water, food& beverage, machinery and equipment.

The cartride is available for both side inlet and over the top inlet (Swan neck) We offer a wide range of micron ratings in order to suit the requirements of the application.



Size: Size 1 and 2
Micron: 0,5-120
Dia: 152mm
Max Delta Pressure: 2,4 bar
Max Temp: 80°C

OEM & Custom made

IFAB provides all customers the opportunity of customize their products, in order to get the ideal fit, for their application. Along with IFABs OEM-deal you spread your brand and hopefully make sure your customers become repeat.

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