Cartridge filters, filter bags, filter housings – we have it all!


The choice of filter bag is governed by temperature, viscosity, flow, types of particles and chemical composition, among other things.

Filter Cartridge

There are many different types and constructions of filter cartridges. The choice of filter cartridge is governed by the temperature, viscosity, flow, chemical composition, and type of particles, among other things.

Filter housing

Filter housings are used in all types of industries where particles need to be separated from liquids. The type of liquid, temperature and pressure decide what type of material to use.

Automatic filter

For applications with large amount of particles, high viscosity and high flow rates Self-Cleaning filters is a perfect first step of filtration.

Filter system

Filter systems, which are simple and based on a proven purification technology where highly activated carbon is used as a final filter.

Filter sheet

Filter sheets are made by cellulose fiber and one or more filter aids such as, activated carbon, diatomite and/or perlite.


IFAB offers both IFAB Diatomite for beer, wine etc. and IFAB HP Diatomite for higher purity such as in the medical industry.


FAB Perlite possesses many of the same properties as diatomite. The main difference is that perlite is much lighter, a distinct advantage in applications such as rotary vacuum filters and candle filters.

Beer Stabilizer

IFAB offers two products that is commonly used in beer stabilization; IFAB PVPP SU and IFAB BG6.

OEM & Custom Made

IFAB provides all customers the opportunity of customize their products, in order to get the ideal fit, for their application. Along with IFABs OEM-deal you spread your brand and hopefully make sure your customers become repeat.

Cellulose fiber

Cellulose fibers are environmentally friendly and it’s natural properties suits as a filtration material filler. Diacel® and Technocel® are made primarily by beech and birch trees. Technocel® 1004 is made of waste paper.

Active Carbon

IFAB market and sell activated carbon to a number of different applications. Activated carbon are used mostly in odder reduction, decolonization and taste regelation.

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