Beer Stabilizer


IFAB BG-6 is an anti chill-haze agent used to create and keep clarity in a beer during storage and chilling. The murkiness that can arise, called chillhaze, is the result of a reaction between the special proteins and polyphenols. Both of these components are present in beer. IFAB BG-6 is an amorphous kieselgur (xerogel), produced to selectable adsorb the unwanted proteins in the beer. Only the proteins that contribute in the making of chillhaze are adsorbed. Flavor, aroma, color and foaming capabilities are not affected. BG6 is not an additive in the beer, it is later filtered out of the beer during the diatomite filtration.

Filter aids and BG6 can be blended directly before the diatomite filter. Due to its extremely fast reaction time only a few minutes contact with the beer is enough to reach full optimal result. The doing is only 15-30 grams per hectoliter beer.

IFAB BG-6 has a very small water content, only 5%, which minimizes handling and the low water content also makes the product entirely stabile. IFAB BG-6 can also be used as a complementary to PVPP or allow as a stabilizing agent.


If you have any questions regarding IFAB BG-6 and what would suit your application the best, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our sales team will help you finding the right filtration solution for all your applications.



IFAB PVPP SU is a very efficient, 100% Polyvinylpolypyrrolidone stabilizer. The product can be used individually or in combination with IFAB BG6. IFAB PVPP SU is a very effective media when it commes to prevent non-biological haze in beers and wines.

IFAB PVPP SU selectively absorbs the polyphenols causing turbidity, then to remove the excess causing this problem. There is evidence that this also improves the stability of taste, because the flavonoid polyphenols in particular, tend to polymerize into higher molecular weight which has a bitter taste.

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