Deep Filtration Cartridge

Deep Filtration Cartridges

There are many different types and constructions of filter cartridges. The choice of filter cartridge is governed by the temperature, viscosity, flow, chemical composition, and type of particles, among other things. Filter cartridges are divided into nominal, semi- absolute and absolute membrane filters, and also if a depth or surface filtration is to prefer.

There are also filter cartridges with different added medias such as, activated carbon, diatomite and resin, just to name a few.

The combination of filter media, connection, length and dimension makes the amount of different cartridges huge. IFAB has filter cartridges for all sorts of filter houses and every customer’s demand and applications. We will help you find the right cartridge in our vast range of products.

If you have any questions regarding filter cartridges and what would suit your application the best, don’t hesitate to contact us.

IFAB Melt Blown Filter Cartridge

IFAB Melt Blown filter cartridges belong to the group of mechanical filters with a nominal
filtration efficiency of 95%. They are used for removing suspensions, rust and solid sludge from liquids.

The cartridge fit perfect for applications where effective protection against such contaminants is required. They protect the equipment, installations, systems and fittings, prolonging their service life.


Polypropylene, Polyesther, Polyamide

Length: 125-1016 mm
Mikron: 1- 200 μm
Diameter: ø 65 & 114 mm
Max Delta pressure: 2 bar
Max temp: 80°C -120°C


IFAB String Wounded Filter Cartridge

IFAB String Wound is perfectly suited as a pre-filter to protect more expensive
secondary or final filtration systems. String Wound range is offered in five different materials with a wide span of micron ratings, offering cost effective particulate filtration with a tried and tested history to prove it. Special End-caps are available on request.

Polypropylen, Cotton, Fiberglass, Ryton, Viscose

Lenght: 125- 1780mm
Mikron: 0,5 – 600 μm
Diameter: ø 65 mm
Max Delta pressure: 2 bar
Max temp: 121°C


IFAB PRO Filter Cartridge

IFAB Pro cartridges have a unique, proprietary two-stage filtration design to maximize particle removal and service life in viscous and/or high temperature fluid filtration applications. Phenolic resin adds superior structural strength and dimensional stability. This rigid structure maintains efficiency throughout the filtration process cycle. Applications are numerous in high-viscosity situations with 100% silicone-free manufacture, ensuring no contamination is introduced to adversely affect adhesion properties of coatings.

Acrylic and Phenolic resin

Lenght: 248mm (9 3/4 “) – 1016mm (40”)
Mikron: 2 – 125 μm
Diameter: ø 65 mm (2,5″)
Max Delta pressure: 2 bar
Max temp: 121°C


OEM & Custom made

IFAB provides all customers the opportunity of customize their products, in order to get the ideal fit, for their application. Along with IFABs OEM-deal you spread your brand and hopefully make sure your customers become repeat.

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