Surface Filter Cartridges

Surface Filter Cartridge

There are many different types and constructions of filter cartridges. The choice of filter cartridge is governed by the temperature, viscosity, flow, chemical composition, and type of particles, among other things. Filter cartridges are divided into nominal, semi- absolute and absolute membrane filters, and also if a depth or surface filtration is to prefer.

There are also filter cartridges with different added medias such as, activated carbon, diatomite and resin, just to name a few.

The combination of filter media, connection, length and dimension makes the amount of different cartridges huge. IFAB has filter cartridges for all sorts of filter houses and every customer’s demand and applications. We will help you find the right cartridge in our vast range of products.

If you have any questions regarding filter cartridges and what would suit your application the best, don’t hesitate to contact us.

IFAB CESPL Filter Cartridge

IFAB CESPL cartridges are hydrophilic membrane filters, constructed of polyethersulfone media and polypropylene components.

The cartridges are suitable for filtration ofliquids in the food/beverage and chemical industries Constructed from hydrophilic polyethersulfonemembranes and all polypropylene components, IFAB

CESPL range of filters exhibit both enhanced flow and reliable particle retention for superior performance in most applications.



Lenght: 125-1016 mm
Micron: 0,1-1,2 μm
Diameter: ø 70mm
Max Delta pressure: 2 bar
Max temp: 85°C

IFAB CTEPL Filter Cartridge

IFAB CTEPL cartridges are absolute rating hydrophobic PTFE membrane filter for air sterilization
in food and beverages process and puricication in chemical process.

IFAB CTEPL cartridges are suitable for filtration of air in the food/beverage and chemical industries.

Constructed from hydrophobic polytetrafluoroethylene membranes. The CTEPL filter have a broad chemical compatibility with low extractables, which show high performances in fine chemical filtration.



Length: 125-1016 mm
Micron: 0,1-1,2 μm
Diameter: ø 70mm
Max Delta pressure: 2 bar
Max Temp: 80°C

IFAB MPXPL Filterpatron

The IFAB MPXPL cartridges are pleated filters capable of both high removal efficiency and
high dirt holding capacity.

The MPXPL is constructed with 100% polypropylene and suits a wide range of applications, such as chemicals, water, beverages etc. The cartridge are manufactured to effectively and consistently remove the desired particle size, whilst allowing finer, non-damaging particles through to maximise filter life and ensuring dependable particulate separation. The cartride is available in a wide range of micron ratings in order to suit the requirements of the application.



Length: 125-1016 mm
Micron: 0,5-100 μm
Diameter: ø 70mm
Max Delta Pressure: 2 bar
Max Temp: 90°C

OEM & Custom made

IFAB provides all customers the opportunity of customize their products, in order to get the ideal fit, for their application. Along with IFABs OEM-deal you spread your brand and hopefully make sure your customers become repeat.

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