Filter System

IFAB is constantly innovating new products in order to answer the increasingly stringent requirements for filtration. IFAB possesses a long and broad knowledge when it comes to liquid filtration.

IFABs knowledge combined with good supply chain and superior customer service, leads to new high quality filtersystems with customer needs in focus. IFAB is constantly open for new suggestions. IFAB possesses knowledge from small individually customized systems, to serial productions, such as Tersus & Haddock 600.

Our filter systems

TERSUS and Haddock 600


Tersus liquid filtration system is an filtration system for different types of wash water from grafitti removal, roof and facade cleaning, laundaries and more.

The Tersus is made in accordance with customers needs to optimice the filtration of the liquid. By using both chemical and mechanical filtation. Tersus is a fully automatic filtration system and requires minimal maintenance. The system can be mounted in a fixed location or used as a mobile unit.

Haddock 600

Haddock 600 is a filter system that is designed and developed by Skandinaviska IFAB Filtrering AB. The system is well proven and today a leader in environmentally friendly boat wash.

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