IFAB Perlite

Perlite filter aid 

IFAB Perlite possesses many of the same properties as diatomite. The main difference is that perlite is much lighter, a distinct advantage in applications such as rotary vacuum filters and candle filters.

IFAB Perliet is made by a special lava sand. The lava sand is heated to 1100°C at which all the moister in the sand evaporates and the material expands, and pops like popcorn. Perlite can in this form be used as an isolation material and filler. The expanded material is grinded and classified with regards to particle size and particle distribution into different filter aids and fillers. Perlite is distinguished by its low density and consists, as diatomite, of nearly pure silicone dioxide. Perlite has no effect on taste, odder or color.

Perlite filler

IFAB Perlite is an excellent filler thanks to its unique characteristics such as low density, chemical inertness, particle structure, liquid absorbency and high specific surface.
If you have any questions regarding perlite and what would suit your application the best, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our sales team will help you finding the right filtration solution for all your applications.


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