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FAB BG-6 is a cold stabilizer used to maintain the clarity of beer during storage and cooling. The cloudiness that can otherwise occur, so-called chillhaze, is a consequence of the reaction between special proteins and polyphenols. Both of these components are normally present in beer. IFAB BG-6 is an amorphous silica gel (xerogel), manufactured to selectively adsorb unwanted proteins in beer. Only the proteins that form chillhaze are adsorbed. Taste, aroma, color and foam resistance are not affected. BG-6 is not an additive in the beer, it is filtered out via the diatomite filter.

Filter aids and BG-6 can be mixed directly in connection with the diatomite filter. Due to its extremely fast reaction, a few minutes of contact time with the beer is quite enough to achieve optimal results on cold stabilization. The dosage amount is only 15-30 grams per hectoliter of beer.

Since the product contains less than 5% water, handling is minimized. The low water content also means that the product is completely stable. IFAB BG-6 can be advantageously used as a complement to PVPP or alone as a stabilizing agent.

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IFAB PVPP SU is a highly effective, 100% Polyvinylpolypyrrolidone stabilizer. The product can be used individually or in combination with IFAB BG6. IFAB PVPP SU is a very effective agent for preventing non-biological haze in beer and wine.

IFAB PVPP SU selectively adsorbs the polyphenols that cause turbidity, then removes the cap that causes this problem. There is evidence that this also improves flavor stability, as the flavonoid polyphenols in particular have a tendency to polymerize into higher molecular weight products that have a bitter taste.


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