BPOMF OA Filter Bag

BPOMF OA is made of high-quality polymicrofiber. Produced specifically for automotive, chemical, and electrocoating applications. Functions as an oil-absorbing filter and acts as an anticrater filter.

Available in Size 1 & 2 with 25-micron separation.

  • Oil-absorbing
  • Anticrater
  • Triple-layer construction adsorbs hydrocarbons from air, gas, and aqueous streams for clearer results.
  • Outer cover prevents fiber migration.
  • Non-foaming microfiber provides product cleanliness, high performance, and longer service life.
  • High void volume means longer service life, higher contaminant loading, and reduced waste loads.
  • CE, FDA, ISO 9001:2015, ED 2002/72/EC compliant

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