Legionella filters

Our Legionella filter solution is the ideal choice for ensuring clean and safe water. Specially designed for showers and faucets, these filters use an advanced membrane system to effectively eliminate waterborne bacteria, including Legionella. Easy installation and replacement make these filters the perfect choice for healthcare environments such as hospitals, nursing homes, and industrial sites where safety is paramount.

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1. Certified to medical device standards (Directive 93/42/EEC), our filters provide a secure and medically approved solution to protect against Legionella.

2. Smooth installation and quick filter replacement make it easy to keep your water system free from Legionella bacteria. Documented lifespan of 90 days for long-lasting protection.

3. Ideal for use in healthcare, elderly care, and industrial areas where protection against Legionella is crucial.

To learn more about Legionella and its impact, visit the [Folkhälsomyndigheten website](https://www.folkhalsomyndigheten.se/legionellainfektion).

Choose our Legionella filters to ensure clean water and a safe environment. CE-certified and compliant with medical device standards, they provide reliable protection where it is needed most.

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