Filter Cartridges

Cartridge filters for all needs
There are many different designs of filter cartridges. What governs the choice of filter cartridge is temperature, filtrate, viscosity, flow, chemical compatibility and type of particles. Filter cartridges are divided into nominal, semi-absolute and absolute membrane filters, as well as surface and deep filtering. There are also cartridge filters with additives such as; activated carbon, ion exchanger, diatomite and more.

Filter cartridges can consist of different filter media

The combination of filter material, connection, length and dimension means that the variety of the cartridge is enormous
Replacement products for special filters such as Cuno filters, Micro-Klean, 3M are available for all types of filter housings and for each customer’s wishes and application.
Different processes place different demands on quality and documentation.
Our cartridges are used in all types of industry. The automotive, food and pharmaceutical industries are significant customer segments that place high demands on us as a supplier. You will also find us in the chemical-technical industry as well as workshops and surface treatment
We will be happy to help you find the right filter cartridge in our large and comprehensive range.
Contact us if you have questions about filter cartridges and what would fit best in your process, our salespeople will help with the right filtration solution for you.

Filter cartridges on stock in Gothenburg
During 2020-21, we expanded our warehouse capacity in Gothenburg . IFAB stocks a large range of filter products. All standard materials and dimensions are in stock and can be delivered at short notice. The demand for HIFLO and BFC filters for larger flows is increasing sharply. You can also find these in our warehouse in various designs.

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